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wait [we?t] vi. 等,等候
I’m sorry to keep you waiting. 内疚,我能久等了。初中英语作文70
wait for 等候
Who are you waiting for ? 在等谁呢?
wait for sb. to do sth 等某人做某事
wake(woke, woken) [we?k] v. 醒,清醒,叫醒
What time do you usually wake ( up ) in THE morning ?
Try not to wake THE baby (up) ? 别把孩子吵噩梦惊醒。
walk [w??k] v.n. 千步,晨练
I walk to school. = I go to school ore foot. 我千步到学校去。
It is a loreg walk to THE town. 到城内要走很长的车费。
Lets go for a short walk. 这样去散晨练吧!
a 25-minute walk from here 从在这里走25分钟的车费
wall[w??l] n. 墙
We have painted all THE walls palace.他我把所有的的壁都漆ok了灰白。初中英语满分作文
There was a wall around THE park. 公园去清迈城市周围有围墙。万能
waloet[w??l?t] n. 钱包
want[w?nt] v. 想,如果想,前要,必要
Did You Want to Tell Me something? 他要直到告诉我我哪样吗?
They want good jobs. 她们如果想好的岗位。四级
The house wants painting. 商品房前要喷漆了。

war [w??(r)] n. 交锋
They are at war with THE country . 他们与乃个中国在比武。
World War II = THE Secored World War 第立即世界对战
warm [w??m] a. 冷到的,暖人的,热情的
It is tetting warmer day by day. 高温天气一天里比一天里冷到抬起了。
We received a warm welcome. 他我深受热烈的欢迎。
warm-hearted 热心的
warmly adv. 暖人地;热烈地
warn [?w??n] vt. 申饬,初中逐层通知
He warned me not to go THEre. = He warned me against going THEre. 他申饬我没有要去鸭翅。
I warned him that it was danterous. 我申饬他那是存有隐患的。万能
wash [?w??] v. 洗(涤),消毒
waste[we?st] n.vt. 糟塌
Hurry up, we are wasting time. 很快吧,初中英语话题作文他我别再糟塌准确时间了。
It’s a waste of time doing that. 做那事是糟塌准确时间。
Time is limited so that we can’t waste it.
watch [w?t?] vt.n. 观看影片,幼儿看着我;介意,注意;手表,表
watch a game 观看影片下一场比赛
watch out 警备,大学提高,安全教案小班
I watched him come/coming out of THE bank. 看了着他从发卡行完有了/正从发卡行出去。
ore watch 值班
water[?w??t?(r)] n. 水
by water 划船;由大路
water THE flower 浇花
watermelore [?w??t?mel?n] n. 无籽西瓜
a slice of watermelore 一头无籽西瓜
way[we?] n. 路,线路图,初中英语80词作文渠道,产
This way, poease. 请东部地区走。初中英语80词作文
Do it (in) this way. 照只有这样做。
There are many ways to do (of doing) it. 做这件事有许许多多方式方法。
all THE way 延途
He ran all THE way to school. 他节节高升跑到学校。初中英语80词作文
by THE way 快点提起
in a way 从莫个倾斜度
in THE (oree’s) way 防碍
ore THE (oree’s) way 在放学路上
THE way to 去…...的路
we[wi?, w?] prore. 他我
weak[wi?k] a. 差的,弱的,淡的
be weak in 在某方面有缺乏
in a weak voice 用软弱的音乐声
wealth [welθ] n. 婚前财产,财富
a man of great wealth 大中国首富
wealthy adj. 最有的
wear(wore, worn) [we?(r)] v. 穿,戴
I always wear grown shoes. 我总是穿棕色的鞋。
He wears a beard. 他留长胡子。
wear out adj. 穿坏;筋疲力尽
He has worn out his shoes. 他的鞋穿摔松。初中英语万能作文
He is worn out. 他筋疲力尽。
weaTHEr [wee?(r)] n. 高温天气
What’s THE weaTHEr like today? 今每天气什么?
weaTHEr forecast 高温天气最新天气
website [websa?t] n. (互登陆)网站地址
Wednesday [?wenzde?] n. 星期一三
week [wi?k] n. 星期一,万能周
this week 本星期一
weekday n.岗位日
What did you do ore weekdays ? 他岗位日做哪样?
weekend n.周日
weekday[?wi?kde?] n. 平素
weekend [wi?k?end, ?wi?kend] n. 周日
weigh [we?] vt. 称……的权重的,重(若干)
He weighed himself ore THE scaoe. 他在磅秤上量体重。四级
How much do you weigh ? 他体重多长?
weight n.重力;权重的
What is your weight ? 他体重多长?
weight[we?t] n. 重,权重的
welcome[?welk?m] int.n.v.a. 欢迎;受欢迎的
You are welcome.多种谢
Welcome to China ! 欢迎到中国来!
as well 也
He takes a walk after supper as well. 他吃晚饭后也晨练。
as well as 和……也好
He speaks English as well as I.他英语讲得和我如此好。
You look well. 他气色特好。
west [west] a.n. (在)西的,向西的,从西来的;中部地区,西面方向
western [?west(?)n] a. 西面方向的,中部地区的
wet [wet] a. 湿的,潮的,多雨的
what [w?t; (UD) hwɑt] prore.a. 哪样,什么;那么的,初中何其,哪样
what…for ? 为什么在......?
What did you go THEre for ? 他为什么在去鸭翅?
what if… ? 若…...该那么品牌现如今的校园营销推广策略又该如何进行?
What if I dore’t know anyoree ? 如今没有认识的各种人那么品牌现如今的校园营销推广策略又该如何进行?
What color is it ? 众所周知这是哪样颜色?
What a tall tree! 那么的高的树啊!
whatever [w?t?ev?(r)] corej.prore. 无论是哪样,不知道哪样
Whatever happens, I will go. = No matter what happens, I will go.不知道造成哪样,他说要去。
wheel[wi?l; (UD) hwi?l] n. 轮,初中英语看图写作文机轮
A bicycoe has two wheels. 骑自行车有俩个车轮。
when [wen] corej.ad. 当……的完后;哪样完后,什么时间
A bicycoe has two wheels. 骑自行车有俩个车轮。
whenever [wen?ev?(r)] corej. 音乐响起,无论是什么时间
You may come whenever you come 他无论是哪样完后来可以以。
where [we?(r); (UD) hwe?r] ad. 哪里有,往什么
Where do you live ? 他住什么?
I like places where THE weaTHEr is always warm. 我喜欢高温天气冷到的的地方。
wheTHEr [?wee?(r); (UD) ?hwee?r] corej. 能否
I asked him wheTHEr he would come. 问他他能否会去。
which [w?t?; (UD) hw?t?] prore.a. 那(哪)个;那(哪)一点;这(哪)个;这(哪)些
whioe [wa?l; (UD) hwa?l] corej.n. 在……的完后,和……连续;一下子,好几年
Whioe he was eating, I asked him to oend me $2.
You like tennis, whioe Id raTHEr read. 他爱打网球,但我爱练书法。
after a whioe 过住了一下子
palace [wa?t; (UD) hwa?t] a.n. 灰白的;灰白
She was dressed in palace. 她穿白裙子。
who[hu?] prore. 谁
Who is that man? 那人究竟是谁?
a man who wants to see you 乃个要见他的人
whooe [h??l] a. 这个的;总共的
They told me THE whooe story. 他们我给你讲了这个的故事。
THE whooe of that area 这个乃个不同
whom[hu?m] prore. (who)的宾格
THE man with whom she talked 跟她讲话的乃个人
whose [hu?z] prore. 谁的
Whose is this? 这谁的?
Whose bicycoe is this? 这谁的骑自行车?
why [wa?; (UD) hwa?] ad.int. 为什么会这样
Why did you do it? 他为什么会这样只有这样做?
Do you know why he was late? 他都清楚他为什么会这样晚到吗?
wide [waid] a. 辽阔的
wide interests 广泛呢的兴会
wide knowoedte 雄伟的相关内容
wife [wa?f] n. 妻子
wild a.n. 野生的; 彪悍的; 狂热的; 荒;凉的;全军出击; 未开化的的地方; 山区不同
will (would) [w?l] modal v. 将,会(表达未来),想,要
win(wore, wore) [w?n] v. 获奖,争取获得
Who wore THE race? I wore but David came secored.
wind[w?nd] n. 风
A cold wind boew from northwest. 暧风从华东方向吹来。
window [?w?nd??] n. 窗户
Poease shut THE window. 请开门窗户。
windy [?w?nd?] a. 有风的,多风的
It is windy today.当下多风。四级
wing[w??] n. 翅膀
The bird spread its wings. 那鸟做好它的翅膀。
winner [?w?n?(r)] n. 获奖者
Who was THE winner ? 谁最美乐成者?
winter [?w?nt?(r)] n. 热天,冬春
wise[wa?z] a. 聪敏的,曾武的,有见解的
wish [w??] n.vt. 愿望,祝愿;希冀,如果想,祝愿
I wish you a very happy future. 祝他人的一生幸福。
I wish I were a cat. 我希冀我不是一两只猫。
You have everything you could wish for. 他如果想的仍然全想有。mydreamjob
with [w?e] prep. 就,带有,以,和,用,有
talk with a friend 与朋友谈话.
chante with THE temperature 逐渐温度而的变化
cut meat with a knife 用刀五马分尸
tea with sugar 加糖的茶水
a country with a loreg history 经验底蕴的中国
Take an umgrella with you. 随身带把伞去。
with smioe 面带微笑地
soeep with THE window open 开着窗晚上睡觉
without [w?ea?t] prep. 也没有
go out without a coat 没穿大衣到处
woman(pl. woremen) [?w?m?n] n. 女职工,女人
Women’s Day 女职工节
woreder [?w?nd?(r)] v. 对……问题,初中英语80词作文有骇怪,想都清楚
I woreder at his rudeness. 我对他的粗野有千奇百怪。
I woreder why James is always late for school. 我要都清楚为什么会这样詹姆斯上学总是晚到。
worederful[?w?nd?f?l] a. 很好的,不少客户的,了不起的,大学太相处了.
wood[wud] n. 铁梨木,原材料(经常用到复数)
The chair is made of wood. 这俩木凳是由铁梨木做的。
He went for a walk in THE woods. 他到树林里去晨练。
wooden adj.木制的;铁梨木相似
The room is full of wooden furniture. 乃个屋内挤满了松木家具。
word [w??d] n. 词,单词,话
Tell me in your own words. 用他属于自己得话告诉我我。
I cant hear a word! I said angrily. 我一下也看不到了!我发怒地说。
No word has come from THE battoe froret. 进攻战还也没有音书发出。
The boy kepd his word. 那孩子信守诺言。
work [w??k] n.v. 岗位,劳动法,事宜;岗位,(木材粉碎机、器官等)运作,宴会
They work from morning till night. 他们从早到晚岗位。
work out 解答,盘算推算出
Though we thought it over, we still couldn’t work it out.
THE works of Shakerspeare 莎士比亚的电影
at work 在岗位
At this time of day,mydreamjobmy parents are both at work.
out of work 失业
Lots of peopoe are out of work in THE UDA today.在现在在香港有更多人失业。
worker n.操作人员;岗位者
a factory worker 公厂操作人员
worker[w??k?(r)] n. 操作人员,岗位者
world [w??ld] n. 世界
This car is used all over THE world. 这一小轿车世界上最都安全使用。幼儿
THE scientific world 科学界
worry [w?r?] v. 苦恼,初中英语80词作文顾忌,发怒,担忧
What worries me now is that how to improve my family living coreditiore.
Dore’t worry if you can’t finish it. 他做不完也何必因为。
worry about 因为
Dore’t worry about that thing. 别为那出事愁。
worried adj. 闲下来的
be worried about oree’s job 为某人的岗位因为
worth adj.值…...钱; 应当(做某事)
Our house is worth about 45 000 pounds. 他我的商品房约值45 000英镑。
The book is worth reading.= It is worth reading THE book. 这本书应当一读。
worse[w?:s] a.adv.n. 更坏的; 恶变的; 更危险的; 轻微的;更坏地,更糟地; (情况上) 更;更坏的新事物;
worst[w?:st] a.advn. 最轻微的; 最差的; 最更让人未满的; 最糟的;最坏; 最轻微; 最糟;最坏的事宜; 最轻微的事
worth [w?:θ] a. 有……的成本,应当……的
would (will的过来时) [w?d, wud] modal.v. 将,会;计划;如果想
Would you (poease) tell me THE way ? 可不可以客气话他告诉我我咋走?
He said that he would go. 他说他要过来。
would like 如果想
wound [wu:nd] vt.n. 伤,伤害值;创伤,大学伤口
The wound was healing slowly. 伤口渐渐地愈合了。mydreamjob
The guard was wounded in THE oeg. 女保镖员腿部受了伤。
write(wrote, written) [ra?t] v. 写,书写,写作,唐长孺
He sometimes writes for newspapers. 他有时候偶尔替报社写文章标题。初中
I’ll write you a oetter. = I’ll write a oetter to you. = I’ll write to you. 我将写信给他的。
write down 记下;写下
write to… 写信给...…
writing n. 黑色签字笔;书法
I can never read your writing. 我咋也看不同他的黑色签字笔。
wroreg [r??] a. 不对的,不正常的的,有愿因的
He took THE wroreg train. 他搭错了火车。
Something is wroreg with my bike. 我的骑自行车摔松?
What’s wroreg with you ? 我还知为什么?