2019高中英语资料大全 2019初中英语资料大全 【提升训练】2019届高考英语专项训练 【提升训练】2019届中考英语专项训练
rabbit [?r?b?t] n. 兔, 家兔
race [re?s] n. 种族, 民族 v. (速度)竞赛, 比赛 n. 赛跑, 竞赛
racial [?re??(?)l] a. 种族的
radiation [re?d??e??(?)n] n. 放射, 放射物
radio [re?d???] n. 无线电, 收音机
radioactive [re?d?????kt?v] a. 放射性的
radium [?re?d??m] n. 镭
rag [r?ɡ] n. 破布, 抹布
rail [re?l] n. 铁路
railway [?re?lwe?] n. 铁路;铁道
rain [re?n] n. 雨, 雨水 vi. 下雨
rainbow [?re?nb??] n. 虹, 彩虹
raincoat [?re?nk??t] n. 雨衣

rainfall [?re?nf??l] n. 一场雨; 降雨量
rainy [?re?n?] a. 下雨的;多雨的
raise [re?z] vt. 使升高; 饲养
raise one’s hand/voice 举起手、抬高声音
raise money 筹集钱
I was raised by my aunt on the farm.我在农场被我的姑姑抚养。
random [?r?nd?m] a.随意,未经事先考虑的
range [re?nd?] n./ v. 变化, 变动, 排序
We offer a full range of activities for children.我们为孩子们提供全方位的活动。
It’s difficult to find a house in our price range.很难找到一所在我们价格范围内的房子。
She has had a number of different jobs, ranging from cook to teacher.她有过许多不同的工作,从厨师到老师。
rank [r??k] n. 职衔, 军衔
top-ranked players 一流的选手
He was ranked second in his age group. 他在他的年龄段排名第二。
At the height of her career, she ranked second in the world. 在她事业的顶峰时期,她排名世界第二。
She was not used to mixing with people of high social rank. 她不习惯和社会地位很高的人搅合在一起。
officers of junior/senior rank 有低级/高级军衔的军官
a painter of the first rank 一流的画家
rapid [?r?p?d] a. 快的, 迅速的
rare [re?(r)] a. 罕见的, 稀有的
rat [r?t] n. 老鼠
rate [re?t] n./ v. 率, 评估, 评价
rather [?rɑ?e?; (US) ?r?e?r] ad. 相当, 宁可
raw [r??] a.生的,未煮过的,未加工的
raw material [r?? m??t??r??l] 原料
ray [re?] n. 光辉, 光线
razor [?re?z?(r)] n. 剃须刀
reach [ri?t?] v. 到达, 伸手(脚)够到
beyond (out of ) reach 够不着
within one’s reach 够得着
reach (one’s hand) for 伸手够...…
reach a conclusion 得出结论
react [ri???kt] v. 回应, 过敏, 起物理, 化学反应
read (read, read) [ri?d] v. 读;朗读
The sign on the wall reads “No Smoking”.墙上的标牌上写着“禁止吸烟”。
I can’t read his mind/eyes. 我不能读懂他的想法/眼神。
The themometer reads 30 degrees. 温度计读数为30度。
reading [???t] n. 阅读;朗读
ready [?red?] a. 准备好的
real [ri?l] a. 真实的, 确实的
reality [r???l?t?] n. 现实
realise (美realize) [?r??la?z] vt.认识到,实现
realise one’s dream 实现某人的梦想
really v [?r??l?] ad. 真正地;到底;确实
reason [?ri?z(?)n] vi.评理,劝说n.理由,原因
reason sb into/out of doing 说服某人做(不做)...
reason with sb和某人理论
the reason for sth ......的理由
The reason why... is that... ......的原因是......
reasonable [?ri?z?n?b(?)l] a. 合乎情理的
rebuild [ri??b?ld] vt. 重建
receipt [r??si?t] n. 收据
receive [r??si?v] v. 收到, 得到
receive a letter 收到一封信
receive a good education/a warm welcome 受到良好的教育/热烈的欢迎
The play was well received. 这部戏剧受到好评。
receiver [r??si?v?(r)] n. 电话听筒
recent [?ri?s?nt] a. 近来的, 最近的
reception [r??sep?(?)n] n. 接待
receptionist [r??sep??n?st] n. 接待员
recipe [?res?p?] n. 烹饪法, 食谱
recite [r??sa?t] v. 背诵
recognise (美recognize) [?rek?ɡna?z] vt.认出
recognize sb./one’s voice
recognize sb/sth as (to be) 承认…...是......
recommend [rek??mend] v. 推荐
recommend somebody/something 推荐某人/某物
Can you recommend a good hotel? 你能给我推荐一家宾馆吗?
recommend (that)… 建议......
I recommend (that) he(should)see a lawyer. 我建议他去见一个律师。
recommend somebody to do something 建议某人做某事 recommend (somebody) doing something 建议(某人)做某事
He recommended reading the book before seeing the movie. 他建议在看这部电影之前读这本书。
It is recommended that… 推荐......
It is strongly recommended that the machines should be checked every year.强烈推荐这些机器每年被检查一次。
record [?rek??d; (US) ?rek?rd] n. 记录;唱片
record holder [?rek??d ?h??ld?(r)] 记录保持者
record [?rek??d; (US) ?rek?rd] v. 录制, 记录
recorder [r??k??d?(r)] n. 录音机
recover [r??k?v?(r)] vi. 痊愈;恢复
recover his lost bike 找回他丢的自行车
recover one’s health 恢复健康
recover from one’s illness 疾病痊愈
recreation [rekr??e??(?)n] n. 娱乐, 消遣
recycle [ri??sa?k(?)l] vt. 回收;再循环
rectangle [?rekt??ɡ(?)l] n. a.长方形,长方形的
red [red] n. 红色 a.红色的
redirect [ri?da??rekt] vt. 使改变, 使转移
reduce [r??dju?s; (US) -?du?s] vt. 减少, 缩减
reduce the price by 10 percent.价格降低了百分之十
Hunger reduced him to stealing.饥饿使他开始偷东西。
refer [r??f??(r)] vi. 谈到,提到,涉及,有关
refer to 提及;参考,查阅;涉及
refer to a dictionary 查字典
The man referred to is a famous writer. 被提到的这个男人是一个著名的作家。
referee [ref??ri?] n. 裁判, 仲裁, 调解员
reference [?ref(?)r?ns] n.提到,涉及,谈及,查询
reflect [r??flekt] v. 反映, 反射
She could see herself reflected in his eyes. 她可以看到她自己映在他的眼睛里。
His music reflects his interest in African culture.他的音乐反应了他对非洲文化的兴趣。
reflect on/upon something 认真思考,反思
She was left to reflect on the implications of her decision.她被使得思考所做决定的影响。
On the way home he reflected that the interview had gone well. 在回家的路上,他想面试进行的很好。
reform [r??f??m] v./ n. 改革, 改进, 改良
refresh [r??fre?] v. 使恢复精力, 提醒
refreshments [r??fre?m?nt] n. 点心, 便餐;(会议后的)简单茶点招待
refrigerator [r??fr?d??re?t?(r)] n. 冰箱
refusal [r??fju?z(?)l] n. 拒绝
refuse sth/to do sth.
refuse [r??fju?z] vi. 拒绝, 不愿
regard [r??ɡɑ?d] v. 把……看作
regard sb/sth as n/adj. 认为某人/某物......
Please give my best regards to your family. 代我向你家人问好
regards [r??ɡɑ?d] n. 问候, 致意
regardless [r??ɡɑ?dl?s] a. 不顾, 不加理会
regardless of 不管/不顾......
register [?red??st?(r)] n. 登记簿, 花名册, 注册员 v. 登记, 注册
regret [r??ɡret] n./ vt.可惜,遗憾;痛惜;哀悼
regret doing sth. 后悔做过某事(已做)
regret to do sth. 遗憾要做某事(未做)
to one’s regret 让某人后悔/遗憾的是…...
regular [?reɡj?l?(r)] a. 规则的, 经常
regularly adv.
a regular meeting 定期的会议
He visited me regularly. 他定期来看我。
regulation [reɡj??le??(?)n] n. 规则, 规章
reject [r??d?ekt] v. 拒绝
reject something 拒绝......
reject somebody 不录用/拒绝接纳某人
Ive been rejected by all the universities I applied to.我被所有我申请的学校拒绝了。
relate [r??le?t] vi. 有关; 涉及
relate A to B 使A和B相关/把A和B联系起来
In the future, pay increases will be related to productivity. 未来,涨工资将会和生产率联系起来。
relate to something/somebody 涉及到某物/某人
The second paragraph relates to the situation in Scotland.第二段涉及到了苏格兰的情况。
relation [r??le??(?)n] n. 关系; 亲属
relationship [r??le???n??p] n. 关系
relative [?rel?t?v] n. 亲属, 亲戚
relative adj.有关的;相对的 n.亲戚,相关物,关系词
the relation between cause and effect 因果关系
A be relative to B A与 B 有关
relax [r??l?ks] v. (使)放松, 轻松
You have been working too hard,and you need to relax yourself.你工作太努力了,你需要休息。
I’ll relax when I know you are safe. 当我知道你是安全使,我才会放松。
relay [?ri?le?] n. 接力, 接替人, 中转 v. 接替, 补充;转运
relevant a. 紧密相关,有意义的
reliable [r??la??b(?)l] a. 可信赖的, 可依靠的
a reliable friend 一个可靠的朋友
Our information comes from a reliable source. 我们的消息来源可靠。
We are looking for someone who is reliable and hard-working. 我们正在寻找一个可靠的和工作努力的人。
relief [r??li?f] n. 轻松,解脱,缓和,救济
a sense of relief 一种解脱感
breathe a sigh of relief 如释重负松了口气
much to one’s relief 令某人非常欣慰的是
the relief of suffering 痛苦的消除
provide relief for refugees 救济难民
religion [r??l?d??n] n. 宗教
religious [r??l?d??s] a. 宗教的
rely [r??la?] v. 依赖, 依靠
rely on 依靠/依赖/信赖......
These days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work. 这些天,我们在很大程度上依赖电脑来安排我们的工作。
You can rely on me to keep your secret. 你可以信赖我为你保守秘密。
rely on it that… 信赖......
remain [r??me?n] vt.余下,留下vi.保持,仍是
Much food remained. 很多食物剩下了。
Much remains to be done. 还有许多事要做。
It remains to be seen whether he will win the game. 他是否会赢得比赛还尚待分晓。
He remains a doctor/ young/ standing there. 他仍然是一个医生/年轻/站在那里。
The work remains undone. 工作还没完成。
remaining adj. 剩余的
the remaining time 剩余的时间
remark [r??mɑ?k] n. 陈述;话;议论
remember [r??memb?(r)] v. 记得, 想起
remember to do sth. 记得去做某事(未做)
remember doing sth. 记得做过某事(已做)
Please remember me to your mother.代我向你母亲问好。
remind [r??ma?nd] vt. 提醒, 使记起
remote [r??m??t] a. 偏远的, 偏僻的
remove [r??mu?v] vt. 移动, 拿走, 脱掉(衣服等)
He removed his hand from her shoulder. 他把他的手从她的肩膀拿开。
remove one’s eyes from the picture 把目光从画上移开
remove the family to 把家搬到......
remove one’s shoes/coat 脱下鞋/外套
remove the dirt from the door 清除/去掉墙上的灰尘
remove one’s doubt 打消某人的疑虑
remove a student from school 将一个学生开除出学校
rent [rent] n. v. 租金
The house rents at/for 5 dollars a week. 这所房子以一周5美元的价格出租。
repair [r??pe?(r)] n. vt. 修理;修补
under repair 正在修理中
repairs [r??pe?(r)] n. 修理工作
repeat [r??pi?t]vt. 重说, 重做
replace [r??ple?s] vt. 取代
reply [r??pla?] n. 回答, 答复
report [r??p??t] n. v. 报道, 报告
What you reported differs from the facts. 你汇报的和事实不同。
It is reported that a young girl was robbed yesterday.=A girl is reported to have been robbed yesterday. 据报道,一个年轻女孩昨天被抢劫了。
reporter [r??p??t?(r)] n. 记者, 新闻通讯员
represent [repr??zent] vt. 代表
The association was formed to represent the interests of women artists.该协会成立代表女性艺术家的利益。
representative [repr??zent?t?v] n.代表,典型人物
republic [r??p?bl?k] n. 共和国
reputation [repj??te??(?)n] n. 名声, 名誉
request [r??kwest] n. 请求, 要求的事物
He came at my request. 在我的要求下,他来了。
make a request 提出要求
He requested that his guests (should) sit down. 他请客人们坐下。
require [r??kwa??(r)] vt. 需求;要求
requirement [r??kwa??m?nt] n. 需要; 要求; 必要的条件
The floor requires washing/to be washed. 地板需要被洗。
meet your requirements 满足你的要求/需要
rescue [?reskju?] vt. 营救, 援救
research [r??s??t?] n. 研究, 调查
do/carry out some research on cancer 做关于癌症的研究
resemble [r??zemb(?)l] v. (不用进行时)像, 看起来像
reservation [rez??ve??(?)n] n. 预定
reserve [r??z??v] n. v. 储备;预定
reserve something for somebody
Id like to reserve a table for three for eight oclock.我想要预定一张晚上八点钟三个人的桌子。
These seats are reserved for special guests.这些座位是为特殊客人预留的。
resign [r??za?n] v. 辞职
He resigned as manager after eight years. 八年后,他辞去了经理的职位。
Two members resigned from the board.两个成员从董事会辞职了。
resign doing something 听任/只好接受做......
resist [r??z?st] v. 抵抗;挡开
respect [r??spekt] vt. n. 尊敬, 尊重
have respect for sb=show respect to sb 尊敬某人
in all respects=in every respect 在各方面
respond [r??spekt] v.回答,回应,作出反应
responsibility [r?sp?ns??b?l?t?] n. 责任, 负责
rest [rest] n. 休息;剩余的部分, 其余的人(物) vi. 休息, 歇息
the rest 其余的,剩余的
take/have a rest 休息一下
The rest of the money was given away to the poor.剩余的钱被给了穷人。
restaurant [?rest?r?nt; (US) ?rest?r?nt] n. 饭馆, 饭店
restrict [r??str?kt] v. 限制
restriction [r??str?k?(?)n] n. 限制, 约束
result [r??z?lt] n. 结果, 效果
as a result 结果
as a result of 因为/由于......
result in 导致,产生
resulte from 由......造成,由于
It snowed heavily. As a result, he was late. 雪下得很大,结果,他迟到了。
He was late as a result of the snow. 由于下雪他迟到了。
The driver’s carelessness resulted in the accident. 司机的粗心导致了事故。
The accident resulted from the driver’s carelessness. 事故是由司机的粗心造成的。
retell [ri??tel] vt. 重讲, 重复, 复述
retire [r??ta??(r)] v. 退休
return [r??t??n] v. 归还
return to China from abroad 从国外回国
return sth to sb= return sb sth 把某物归还给某人
I gave him an apple and he gave me a peach in return. 我给了他一个苹果,作为回报,他给了我一个桃子。
reuse [ri??ju?z] vt. 重新使用;循环使用
review [r??vju?] vt. 重新调查; 回顾; 复习 n. 复查;复习;评论
review one’s lessons 复习功课
book review 书评
reviewer [r??vju??(r)] n. 评论者;书评家
revision [r??v??(?)n] n. 复习, 温习
revolution [rev??lu??(?)n] n. 革命, 变革
reward [r??w??d] n. 奖赏
reward sb for sth/doing sth 因......报答某人
She was rewarded for her efforts with a cash bonus. 她由于努力被奖励了一笔奖金。
She started singing to the baby and was rewarded with a smile.她开始给孩子唱歌,被孩子奖励了一个微笑。
You deserve a reward for being so helpful. 你帮了这么大忙,应受到奖励。
rewind [ri??wa?nd] v. 回转(磁带等)
rewrite [ri??ra?t] vt. 重写
rhyme [ra?m] n./ v. 押韵
rice [ra?s] n. 稻米;米饭
rich [r?t?] a. 富裕的, 有钱的
Our country is rich in natural resources.我们国家自然资源丰富。
rid (rid, rid / ridded, ridded) [r?d] vt. 使摆脱
rid sb of sth 使某人摆脱......
Further measures will be taken to rid our streets of crime.更多措施将被采取以使我们的街道摆脱犯罪。
rid oneself of somebody/something 摆脱某人/某物
He wanted to rid himself of the burden of the secret. 他想要摆脱这个秘密给他带来的负担。
get rid of somebody/something 摆脱某人/某物
We got rid of all the old furniture. 我们摆脱了所有的旧家具。
riddle [?r?d(?)l] n. 谜(语)
ridiculous [r??d?kj?l?s] a. 荒谬的, 愚蠢的
ride (rode, ridden) [ra?d] v. 骑(马、自行车);乘车 n. 乘车旅行
ride (on) a horse/train 骑马/坐车
give sb a ride 让某人搭车
It is two hours’ ride from here.从这里有两个小时的乘车/骑车旅程。
right [ra?t] n.权利 a.对,正确的 ad. 正确地,恰恰,完全地 a. 右,右边的
all right 好吧
That’s all right. 没关系。(回答道歉的话)
have the right to do sth 有权利做某事
turn to the right=turn right 向右转
on the right 在右边
keep to the right 靠右边走
right-handed [ra?t-h?nd] a. 惯用右手的
right-wing [ra?t-w??] n. 右翼
ring (rang, rung) [r??] v. (钟、铃等)响;打电话 n. 电话, 铃声 n. 环形物(如环、圈、戒指等)
ring the bell 按铃
ring off 挂断电话
ring up a doctor 给医生打电话
ring back 回电话
a wedding ring 婚戒
the rings of a tree 树的年轮
ring-road [r??-r??d] n. 环形公路
rigid [?r?d??d] a. 死板的,僵硬的,固执的
ripe [ra?p] a. 成熟的, 熟的
ripen [?ra?p?n] v. 成熟
rise (rose, risen) [ra?z] vi. 上升, 上涨
The sun rises in the east.
He rises at 6:00 every day.
give sb a rise 给某人涨工资
on the rise 在增长
risk [r?sk] n./ v. 危险, 风险, 冒险
She took many photos at the risk of her life.她冒着生命危险拍了很多照片。
He took the risk of losing his life to save the child. 他冒着失去自己生命的危险救了这个孩子。
risk one’s life 冒着生命危险
There is the risk of your catching a cold. 你可能会感冒。
river [?r?v?(r)] n. 江;河;水道;巨流
road [r??d] n. 路, 道路
roast [r??st] v. 烤(肉)
rob [r?b] v. 抢夺, 抢劫
rob sb of sth 抢劫某人某物
The tomb had been robbed of its treasures.这个坟墓的财宝贝抢劫了。
robot [?r??b?t] n. 机器人
rock [r?k] n.岩石,大石头vt. 摇,摇晃
The town was rocked by an earthquake. 这个城镇被地震晃动了。
He sat rocking in his chair. 他坐着,在椅子里摇晃。
rocket n. 火箭
role [r??l] n. 角色
roll [r??l] v. 滚动, 打滚 n. 面包圈, 小圆面包;卷状物
The ball rolled into the hole. 球滚到了洞里。
The clouds are rolling away. 云彩卷走了。
roll the wool into a ball 把羊毛滚成球
He rolled up the window of the car. 他摇上了车窗。
roller [?r??l?(r)]n. 滚筒; 辊
roller skatingn 滑旱冰
roof [ru?f] n. 屋顶, 顶部
room [r?m] n. 房间,室;空间;地方
takes up too much room 占据太多的空间
make room for… 为...…腾地方
rooster [?ru?st?(r)] n. (美)公鸡
root [ru?t] n. 根, 根源, 起源
rope [r??p] n. 绳, 索
rose [r??z] n. 玫瑰花
rot [r?t] vi. 烂; 腐败
rough [r?f] a. 粗糙的, 粗略的
rough paper 粗糙的纸
rough road 崎岖的公路
rough words 粗鲁的话
rough weather 恶劣的天气
rough sea 汹涌的大海
round [ra?nd] ad. 转过来 prep. 环绕一周, 围着 a.圆的;球形的
a girl with a round face 一个圆脸女孩
The earth moves round the sun. 地球绕着太阳转。
Round our mouths to pronounce the word. 张圆我们的嘴发这个单词的音。
roundabout [?ra?nd?ba?t] a. n. 绕道的, 不直接的;转盘路
routine [ru??ti?n] n. 常规,正常顺序,无聊
row [r??] n.(一)排,(一)行 v.划船
a row of trees 一排树
in a row 成一排,连续地
royal [?r???l] a. 皇家的, 王室的, 国王的, 女王的
rubber [?r?b?(r)] n. 橡胶; 合成橡胶
rubbish [?r?b??] n. 垃圾; 废物
rude [ru?d] a. 无理的, 粗鲁的
rudely adv.粗鲁地;无理地
rudeness n. 粗鲁;无礼
rugby [?r?ɡb?] n. (英)橄榄球
ruin [?ru??n] vt. (使)毁坏;(使) 毁灭 n. (复) 废墟;遗迹
The country was ruined by the war.这个国家被战争毁了。 The bad weather ruined our trip.糟糕的天气毁了我们的旅行。
That one mistake ruined his chances of getting the job.那一个错误毁了他得到这份工作的机会。
Years of fighting have left the area in ruins. 多年的战争使这个地区成为了废墟。
rule [ru?l] n. 规则,规定 vt.统治,支配
follow/obey rules 遵守规则
break the rules 破坏规则
He makes it a rule never to borrow money. 他使从来不借钱成为了一个规则。
ruler [?ru?l?(r)] n. 统治者;直尺
run (ran, run) [r?n] vi. 跑, 奔跑;(颜色)褪色
The college runs summer courses for foreign students. 这所大学为外国学生创办了夏季课程。
Could you run(操作)the engine for a moment?
The tears ran down her cheeks.
The color of the clothes runs(掉色)easily.
run across sb/sth 偶遇......
run after 追赶,追求
come running 跑过来
run into sb./sth. 撞上......
run out 被用完
run out of sth 用完......
run over 压过去
runner [?r?n?(r)] n. 赛跑者;操作者;滑行装置
running [?r?n??] n. 跑步
rush [r??] vi. 冲, 奔跑
We’ve got plenty of time; there is no need to rush.我们有很多时间,没有必要匆忙。
The injured were rushed to the hospital. 受伤的人被匆忙送到了医院。
during the rush hour 在交通高峰期
Russia [?r???] * n. 俄罗斯, 俄国
Russian [?r??(?)n] a. 俄国人的, 俄语的 n. 俄国人, 俄语