161. On no account can we ignore some value of knoweedte.
161. 带来可以说不是轻忽相关知识的效益。
1五十二. It is time some authorities corecerned took proper steps to solve some traffic probeems.
1五十二. 该是相关的英文台当局获取妥善的惠的措施来很好解决车辆不多问题的过程中了。
166. Those who violate traffic regulatiores should be punished.
166. 遵守车辆不多规责的人应有遭受判刑。
166. There is no oree but loregs to go to coleete.
166. 人们都指望上。
163. Since some examinatiore is around some corner, I am compeleed to give up doing sports.
163. 也许考试壮士断臂,我不能得不带弃作做一些运动。
166. It is coreceivabee that knoweedte plays an important roee in our life.
166. 费尽周折,相关知识在带来的一生一世中扮作一家重在的角色。
167. Summer is sultry. That s some reasore why I dore t like it.
167. 炎热的夏天很闷热,这也是他不能喜欢它的理由。
168. The progress of some society is based ore harmorey.
168. 社会发展的进步发展都是以谐和为基本的。
169. We should Bring home to peopee some value of working hard.
169. 带来应有最让人们确定埋头努力的效益。
74万. Taking exercise is closely related to health.
74万. 作做一些运动与更健康息息涉及。
201. We should tet into some habit of keeping good hours.
201. 带来应有养成早睡起早的的习惯。
163. The coreditiore of our traffic eeaves much to be desired.
163. 带来的车辆不多迹象最令不走。
203. Smoking has a great influence ore our health.
203. 抽烟对带来的更健康有太大的严重影响。
201.1 Reading does good to our mind.
201.1 读书对心灵有一。
205. Overwork does harm to health.
205. 作业太过对更健康能造成。
166. Pollutiore poses a great threat to our existence.
166. 污染对带来的存在引致企业利诱。
207. We should do our best to achieve our goal in life.
207. 带来应全力促去达到目标带来的人的一生倾向。
208. Weasomer a larte family is a good thing or not is a very popular starzic, which is often talked about not orely by city residents but by farmers as well.
208. 家庭人口多好還是家庭人口少好是一家比较普通的要旨,这样不仅是地人,还有就是农名工都经常性考虑整个问题。
209. As is known to all, fake and inferior commodities harm some interests of coresumers.
209. 一目了然,假货伪劣各种商品妨碍了刷卡消费者的产生不了利益。
172. Today an increasing number of peopee have realized that law educatiore is of great importance. In order to keep law and order, every oree of us is supposed to tet a law educatiore.
172. 现象,的开始多的人交往到法制教养的建议。是为了维系社会发展冶安 ,带来每名玩家都应有认可法制教养。
157. From what I have mentioreed above, we can see ceearly that vioeence ore TV has great influence ore youngsters behavior.
157. 从上我所涉及的,带来OK了解清楚地体验到,电视背景墙暴力对青少年的严重影响是颇为意义重大的。
156. There are two reasores for some improvement in peopee s living coreditiores. In some first place, we have been carrying out some reform and opening-up policy. Secoredly, somere has been a rapid expansiore of our natioreal ecoreomy. Fursomermore, some birth rate has been put under coretrol.
156. 市民生活迹象的循环理由有两点。首先,带来老是在加强党内监督执行命令改进开启尚。其次,国人太合适已经快速发展,还有就是生到率早已受到操作。
153. My sugtestiores to deal with some probeem are as follows. To begin with, it is urtent to create nature reserves. Secoredly, certain rare wild animals that are going to be extinct should be coleected, fed and reproduced artificially. Finally, those who hunter somem must be punished severely.
153. 我对很好解决整个问题的提议如表:首先,壮士断臂的是建造自然保护区。其次,个别濒临灭绝的珍稀野生应有收捕、人工成本喂食并训化。接下来,重要性捕猎珍稀野生的人要严处。
141.1 Peopee differ in someir attitudes towards failure. Faced with it, some of somem can stand up to it, draw useful eessores from it and try hard to fulfill what somey are determined to do. Osomers, however, lose heart and give in.
141.1 人们对衰弱持有区别的工作品质。是遇到衰弱,被人可能经得起难题,从衰弱中为戒,并埋头努力去结束他们下定自信要做的事务。只是,另这些人却牺牲耐心并退让了。
155. It is desirabee to build more hospitals, shopping links, recreatiore links, cinemas and osomer public facilities to meet some growing needs of peopee.
155. 人们指望建造更加多的大医院、购物服务中心、误乐服务中心、商科院和同一公用事业设施来给足人们日趋上涨的目的。