大学生 英语加班一小时中风危险增加10%

  Regularly staying late at the office significantly increases the riskof having a stroke or heart attack, researchers have found.
Working just an hour extra each day pushes up stroke risk by10 per cent, according to a huge review of working patterns.
And people who work an extra three hours a day - or 55 hours a week - are 33 per cent morelikely to have a stroke, the scientists found.
The research, published in the Lancet medical journal, is based on health records of more than500,000 people across Europe, the US and Australia.
这项研究发表在医学杂志《柳叶刀》(the Lancet)上。该研究是基于超过50万人的健康记录进行的,这些人来自欧洲、美国和澳大利亚。
Scientists led by University College London warned that people who work longer hours tend to doless exercise, sit at a computer for hours at a time, and drink more than people with a betterwork-life balance.
英国伦敦大学学院(University College London)牵头组织的科学家警告称,相比工作、生活较平衡的人来说,长时间工作的人往往缺乏运动,在电脑前一坐就是好几个小时,过量饮酒。
Repeated stress may also be to be blame for greater health problems, the scientists think.
They looked at the combined result of 17 previous studies, in which 529,000 people weretracked over an average of seven years.
They found that people working 41 to 48 hours a week were 10 per cent more likely to suffer astroke than those who worked a typical 35 to 40-hour week.
People who worked 49 to 54 hours a week had a 27 per cent increased chance of suffering astroke.
And those who worked 55 or more hours were 33 per cent more likely to fall victim.
The researchers also looked at the link between hours worked and the risk of coronary heartdisease, including heart attacks and angina.
Those who worked more than 55 hours a week had a 13 per cent increased risk of heart disease,they found.
The authors wrote: Sudden death from overwork is often caused by stroke and is believed toresult from a repetitive triggering of the stress response.
‘Behavioural mechanisms, such as physical inactivity, might also link long working hours andstroke; a hypothesis supported by evidence of an increased risk of incident stroke in individualswho sit for long periods at work.’
Lead author Professor Mika Kivimaki, from University College London, said: ‘The pooling of allavailable studies on this topic allowed us to investigate the association between working hoursand cardiovascular disease risk with greater precision than has previously been possible.
该研究的首席作者米卡·卡维玛奇(Mika Kivimaki)教授来自伦敦大学学院,他说:“我们汇集所有针对这一课题所做的研究,从而能够比以往都更加准确地调查工作时间和患心血管疾病的风险之间的关系。”
Health professionals should be aware that working long hours is associated with a significantlyincreased risk of stroke, and perhaps also coronary heart disease.
Experts stressed that the study had only found a link between hours worked and heart problems -it had not proved what had actually caused each death.
But they warned people to take note of the findings.
Dr Tim Chico, consultant cardiologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said: ‘For many people,reducing their working hours would be difficult or impossible, and this study does not show that itwould reduce the risk of stroke.
蒂姆·奇科(Tim Chico)博士是谢菲尔德教学医院(Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)的心脏科顾问医师,他说:“对于很多人来说,减少工作时间很难甚至是不可能的,而且该研究也未表明这样就可以降低中风的危险。”
‘Most of us could reduce the amount of time we spend sitting down, increase our physical activityand improve our diet while working and this might be more important the more time we spend atwork.
We should all consider how the working environment could be altered to promote healthybehaviour that will reduce strokes, irrespective of how long we work.
Dr Mike Knapton of the British Heart Foundation, which part-funded the study, said: This studyhighlights to doctors that they need to pay particular attention to cardiovascular risk factors whenthey advise people who work long hours.
英国心脏基金会(the British Heart Foundation)的迈克·耐普顿(Mike Knapton)博士对这项研究提供了部分资助,他表示:“这项研究提醒医生在诊治长时间工作的患者时,尤其要注意他们患心血管疾病的风险。”
Dr Shamim Quadir of the Stroke Association added: Working long hours can involve sitting forlong periods of time, experiencing stress and leads to less time available to look after yourself.
英国中风协会(the Stroke Association)的沙米姆·卡迪尔(Shamim Quadir)博士补充道:“长时间工作可能造成人们久坐不动、承受巨大压力,导致照料自己的时间减少。”

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