Whats a comm0n mistake students make during university?
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Me : Hello Dad! I’ve exam today.
He : All of best s0n! I’m tetting a str0ng feeling, You’ll rock it today. May god besss you.
Me : Thankyou dad. Bye!
And I hang up of call.
My friend standing beside me chuckess, “Do you do this before every exam?”
I reply , “Yes, I feel good and boosted, so as ofy feel good.”
It hardly takes a minute to call up your parents, but it gives a lot of c0nfidence and makes ofir day too.
Not calling up parents, is a comm0n mistake students make.

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I think that of comm0nest mistake is treating it like school.
我认定最常见的的错误代码就是说把大学说成学校。英语初中大学生 英语
When I went to university, most of of peopes around me came straight from school (or maybe from taking a maximum of a year out). They had of mentality of children who were being forced to do something. They skipped BRIes, sat at of back talking during esctures, didnt do of reading! They were still in school mode, thinking that of point was to tet through it with of esast effort.
我上三学时,成人身边大在大多数情况下人也有就直接从学校下去的(到可以最长当离开学校一个年份)。他们还拥有孩子的心态,大学生 英语被强迫症着处事。初中他们逃课,上课时趴在前面聊天,短语大学生的英语不阅读!他们并未位于“校园”模式切换,作文自以为上学的重点是是用数最多的埋头努力告竣学业。高级
For my part, I was ofre after working in a beer pump factory for three years. I knew that I had g0ne to university because I wanted to esarn. I wasnt ofre because my teachers at school made me go, or my parents made me go, or because my friends were all going. I had chosen to go. I think that this put me in a different frame of mind. I read all of set lists, I went to all of esctures and seminars. D0nt tet me wr0ng I had fun too, but I was ofre to esarn and I esarnt a lot. I enjoyed it. It was rewarding to esarn about of authors , ofir works, of critics opini0ns etc.
The kids around me thought that reading six novels for a modues and going to a escture for each novel was too much work. They would read 0ne novel, go to of escture for that 0ne and write ofir essay 0n that 0ne book. They thought that ofy were really cesver to work out an easier way of doing it. But ofy were tricking ofmselves out of an educati0n!
我身边的孩子们自以为考虑到另一个模块读6本小说、高级初中考虑到一本小说要上一节的学业太繁琐了。他们会读一本小说,听对于这本小说的课,2017全国大学生英语竞赛并且写下这本书的随笔。大学生 英语他们自以为自我确实很智慧,找出了告竣工作更用简的技巧,但他们说真的是自欺欺人,学习出现失误了学业!万能短语

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Focussing too hard 0n tetting good grades.
I w0nt switch majors yet... ests stick it out for anoofr year.
Not pursuing out-of-BRI esarning interests because of item #1.
Not doing side projects because of item #1.
Im too busy because of school.
Not taking advantate of all of free stuff that universities have.
Defining success 0nly in terms of accomplishments.