如果我们按照中国人的语言和文化习惯去写,写出来的文章西方人有时候是看不明白的。这比单纯的背诵人家写好的英语范文,或者自己埋头苦写,不去积累,效果要好很多。Oh,Im forget to tell you what my brother looks like.Because it can enrich my spare life, I can also increase more knowledge.再次强调,一定得找外国人写的原汁原味的作文范文或英语文章练习模仿写作,把主要精力放在谋篇布局和句型结构的选择上。虽然写作没有固定格式,以有效表意为核心要素。My brother熟读唐诗三百首,不会做诗也能吟。Please everybody to support me.关于写作,很多同学都问过这个问题:老师,如果我坚持用英语写日记,对提高英语写作有帮助吗?帮助是有的,不过不像一些人想象的那么大。这样,你写完去和范文比较,主要比较逻辑关系、论证手法、论据选择。写作有没有必要背范文呢?你要有时间有精力背,我也不拦着你。Long-term goals may be related to our dreams of the future.He took me to the hospital.最好的办法就是边学边写。写作中重要的构成因素,除了语言以外,谋篇布局的逻辑其实是很重要的。不过比用范文练习,会更费时间。

  If you follow this advice,you will have a good body.From the age of foot binding to modernization today, the role and rights of women have undergone a drastic transformation.The Chinese new year lasts as long as fifteen days.没有了繁重的负担,学生也会有良好的精神状态。Proper diets and exercise should also be paid attention to so that they wont easily put on weight.China is no exception.I really want to be the English announcer.Therefore, more efforts to promote women s equal rights need to be made.我喜欢中国新年比喜欢其它任何节日更甚。To solve the problem in a healthy way is usefull such as take exercise、have good deals and so on.这是一个专为休息和欢乐的时间。注意: 1.报告必须包括图表中所有内容; 2.词数100左右; 3.第一句已给出,不计入总词数。由于过多的家庭作业,有将近10%的学生缺乏睡眠;此外,超过15%的学生精神不健康。一直有一种陈词滥调,称女人就应该待在在家里。My name is Wang Huaming.Women are playing an increasingly important role in society today.Dear Sir or Madam。

  词汇错误常见的有拼写错误、词性错误、搭配错误、单复数错误等。作为英语老师,平时就要带领学生练一些语言基本功,如读书、背书、听写、听力训练等。基于以上的常见问题,我根据所教学生的实际进行了以下教学设计。在书写方面,主要问题是字迹潦草,不工整。bands will be playing and flags waving。

  ■细心审题,细读题目中每一项提示,或观察每一幅画,弄清题意,明确中心,确定体裁。In the matter of courage we all have our limits.Wealth Health于是,伟大的奇迹就发生了。I should be at the end of the room facing all the audience.我想它可能是说,纳尔逊和所有那些勇气一直在宣传时,在他们的生活中也有自己的勇气也有其限制。对主题开展叙述,讨论收——是对全文的总结和概括我们赢了这场比赛,他们看上去很失望。在暴风雨中,我们最好不放风筝,因为它可能让我们触电。It occurred to me that if I had continued to maintain eye contact, I would have been rude and aggressive.大家都知道,兴趣在我们的生活中扮演重要角色。(3)提出自己的看法。在《牛津》7B开始,我们针对所学的句型和学生日常学习生活的真实情景,设计了许多中译英,如:没有钱万万不行如:如何修饰一个最简单、最常用的说?我们就可以写出许多:say some thing gladly(merrily excitedly sadly kindly worriedly loudly sweetl ytimidly bravely confidently)"thats all there is to it",意思是"也不过如此而已"。中考英语作文写作技巧为了满足我的好奇心,我每天都看英语故事。

  每年的6月1日是儿童节。我们也可以放烟火。My Favorite Holiday我最喜欢的节日三、语言仍然是考查重点。例如 令我印象深刻的大学课程 ,既可以说a course that has impressed me most in college, 也可以说the most impressive course to me in university, 还可以说 a college curriculum that impresses me most。Besides, we can watch movies or hold a smallparty in our class.所谓 正确 是不犯低级的语言错误,如主谓不一致,时态混乱,代指指代不清,词性搭配不当,标点使用不规范等;而 丰富 则是指能够用不同字眼表达同一概念,即同意替换的能力。A course that has impressed you most in college 令你印象最深的一门大学课程; A classmate of yours who has influenced you most in college 对你影响最大的一位大学同学; A campus activity that has benefited most 使你受益最深的一项校园活动。能够用正确而丰富的英语语言表达思想是英语作文一贯的考查目标。I hoped that I would do everything well in the new year.我们学校有许多庆祝活动。

  初中学生暑假英语作文My holiday小学四年级英语作文:Chinese New YearI just to be understood by my parents.But they are feel me is not a good girl .Nowadays, the biggest nature park for panda in China is in Sichuan.So I bought some beautiful flowers.there used to be many pandas in China long ago.I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games.英语作文啦()精心整理了初中英语作文:多冷的一天啊,望给大家带来帮助!No matter what I want to do that well.There will be a big dinner for every family.I will be your proud of daughter.But one day, my monther, my younger brother and I went to Tianyi digital square to buy games。

  ”我考查了一下nepotism的词源,大家是不是发现nepotism跟nephew(侄子)这个词长的很像?以前,一些人在工作上提携自己的侄子(家眷),这种行为慢慢地就被称为“nepotism”,我们可以把这词意译为“裙带关系”。下午8点20分上午6点 8:20 p.② connections变否定,更容易,be后not加上去。感谢你的体谅。(2)后接动名词(v.那是一辆轿车。现在,我想这真是一次成功的经历,并且我完全理解了劳动的意义。